Dhoom Machale with Dhoom:3 The Game
Dhoom Machale with Dhoom:3 The Game


Dhoom Machale with Dhoom:3 The Game!

Don the cape of the Dhoom:3 movie anti-hero Sahir and Zoom through the Streets of Chicago on your Super Bike and escape from ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the Police!

Enjoy Dhoom:3 The Game on your Smartphone and Featurephone!

After pulling off a successful heist, the entire Police Force led by ACP Jai Dixit and Ali are pursuing you! Zoom through the streets, dodge heavy traffic and obstacles, use power-ups and see how long you can keep up the chase! Rev that engine and ….

Dhoom Machale!

Fast Paced Action Game
Fast Paced Action Game
Put your reflexes to the test with this fast paced action that will make you come back for more.
Awesome Gameplay Experience
Awesome Gameplay Experienc
State-of-the-Art Graphics for an awesome gameplay experience.
Simple Tap/Tilt Controls
Simple Tap/Tilt Controls
Tap or Tilt - pick the mode you are comfortable with and let the chase begin.
Cool Super Bikes and Upgrades
Cool Super Bikes and Upgrades
Powerful Bikes, Costumes and more items to get you to blazing speeds FAST.
Power-Ups Galore to Use
Power-Ups Galore to Use
Hit extreme speed with Nitro boosts, clear your way with powerful Sonic blasts and be invincible with Shields
Race Up the Leaderboards
Race Up the Leaderboards
Race up the Leaderboards and show everyone you are the master of your destiny
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How Dhoom:3 became the first game to hit 1 million on the Indian Windows Phone Store - Jon Jordan of PocketGamer interviews Producer Shilpa Bhat about 99Games building a 10 Million Success!


Dhoom:3 - The Game is a thrilling, action-packed chase on super bikes through the mean streets of Chicago. UdayavaniEnglish.com which has been in forefront in highlighting the achievements of the Coastal Karnataka people is proud to present yet another interview of the brains behind Dhoom:3 game.


Slick graphics, cool cops, super bikes, mean streets and a tenacious anti-hero -Dhoom:3 The Game has it all, and more. Developed by 99Games Online Private Limited in collaboration with Yash Raj Films Private Limited (YRF), Dhoom: 3 The Game is yet another exclusive debut on Windows platform and has already crossed 1 million downloads on Windows Phone.


"At the launch event held at YRF studios in Mumbai, Aamir Khan was the first person to play the game. His gameplay was projected live on a large screen for the audience to watch. Even though Aamir is known not to be a gamer, yet he did go on to prove that he possesses some quick reflexes. He instinctively took to the game’s tilt controls and raced his own virtual avatar through the obstacle-filled roadway. In the end Aamir achieved a score of 9499, a challenging target for any player to beat."


"Within three weeks of its launch, 'Dhoom:3 The Game' has clocked over a million downloads. Rohith Bhat, CEO of 99Games, which created the game after signing a multi-year, multi-title deal with Yash Raj Films Studios, said this would make it one of the fastest growing games made around an Indian movie or IP."


"The DHOOM:3 mobile game, capturing the action and intensity of the film and outstanding realistic graphics, puts the player in full control of his own D:3 super bike on the mean streets of Chicago. Players can also compete with their friends on the leader-board. Having already achieved over one million downloads, the DHOOM:3 mobile game has quickly become one of the most successful digital games produced in India."


Games like 'Dhoom:3 The Game' are among the most popular Indian smartphone games this year, generating downloads in the millions on the Google Play and Apple Store. And they are generating revenues through the 'freemium' model, where the game is free but in-app purchases are charged.

The Economic Times

If you are looking for a simple and engaging racing game, it should satiate your appetite for the thrill. So download, and Dhoom Machale!

Gizmodo India

Dhoom:3 makes a really great first impression and in playing the game for the past half hour, it's hard to put down. Graphic have a bit of pop, game play challenging and best of all, Dhoom:3 is free!


This is an official game of the movie and is packed with loads of action for Bollywood enthusiasts. Users will be able to control the anti-hero (played by Aamir Khan) in the movie, allowing him to escape cops (played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra) using his superbike.

International Business Times

All in all, DHOOM 3: The Game is a good game, it’s free, it has in-game objectives (not Xbox Achievements), the graphics are good, while not having the highest polygon counts or mind-blowing effects, they are smooth, with high-resolution textures and a great frame rate. The tilt controls are some of the best that I HAVE ever used as they are accurate enough to pick up a row of coins while rounding a curve. The sound is great for what is provided. For what it is worth, the title is considered as an endless runner/racer and the amount of content is within the realm of the likes of the big name Temple Runs, Rail Rushes, you can even “save yourself” after you crash your bike if you have the necessary items to do so.

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