Dhoom 3: The Game


Dhoom:3 The Game is an action packed 3D bike racer built around the popular Dhoom film franchise. With over 15Million downloads and having won several prestigious awards, Dhoom:3 The Game has zoomed into the hearts of Dhoom fans worldwide!

Players don the digital avatar of Aamir Khan (Sahir), who is being chased by Abhishek Bachchan(Jai), Uday Chopra (Ali) and Chicago police in a high-stake race through the busy streets of Chicago. Dodging traffic cones, lampposts, helicopters, police cars and other obstructions with simple tap and tilt controls and collecting coins and power-ups along the frantic ride forms the main premise of the game.

Dhoom Machale with Dhoom:3 The Game!


iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Nokia feature phones and BlackBerry 10 platforms.

Release Date

Oct 2013

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