1. Policy on User Behavior

99Games has a Privacy Policy to make sure that features like Chat and Profile picture available in Multiplayer mode are not misused in any way. The use of this game is governed by this policy for a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

  1. Your Content must not contain any image including nudity, profanity, sexual activity, and sexual innuendos, sexually offensive or otherwise obscene content.

  2. Your Content does not slander, defame or otherwise harm the good name of others.

  3. Your Content is not used to initiate any scam, pyramid scheme, phishing (Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy) or otherwise any use which may be used to extract goods and/ormoney from others, including any virtual property.

  4. You may not use copyrighted, obscene or pornographic images as your profile picture.

  5. You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission.
  6. You may not call with, publish, or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

  7. You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or for promotion of illegal activities. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.

  8. You may not upload, post, email, transmit, store or otherwise make available any material that contains viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to harm, interfere with or limit the normal operation of the Service (or any part thereof), or any other computer software or hardware.

  9. You may not post, send, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized email messages, advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, or chain letters, including, without limitation, bulk commercial advertising and informational announcements.

  10. You will not use our service to stalk, harass, threaten or harm another.

  11. If you are an adult, you will not use our service to request personal or other information from a minor (any person under the age of 18 or such other age as local law defines as a minor) who is not personally known to you, including but not limited to any of the following: full name or last name, home address, zip/postal code, telephone number, picture, email address, or the names of the minor's school, church, athletic team or friends.

  12. We reserve the right to remove material from public view that we believe in good faith to be copyrighted material that has been illegally copied.

  13. You expressly understand and agree that YOUR use of copyrighted images IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK.

  14. 99Games reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without any prior notice to you and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement each time you use this game. .

We may use personal individual information or share with our partners / contracted service providers , only for the purpose of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information or to convey any contest results.

2. Consent to Use of Data

To facilitate product support, product development and improvement as well as other services to you, you agree that 99Games or other third parties may use analytic technologies to collect, use, store and transmit non-personally identifiable technical and related information regarding your mobile device(including unique device id or UDID), IP address, geo-location, device make and model, operating system, software and applications, including application usage data. In addition, 99Games and/or third parties may collect, store, use andtransmit non-personally identifiable game play data, session data, browser identifiers, carrier information well as online and Application usage metrics, statistics and/or analytics. Data collected by third parties will be collected, used, stored, transferred and disclosed pursuant to the third party’s privacy policy. See Appendix A for a non-exclusive list of third parties that may collect data via this Application. Appendix A includes both analytics companies and ad networks and the URLs for those third parties’ privacy policies.

Further, 99Games operates in several countries. Personal information collected from you through an Application may be transferred to and stored on servers and equipment located in a destination outside your country of residence. The servers and equipment on which your data is stored and processed may be owned and operated by third parties with whom 99Games has contracted to receive, store and process your personal information. In addition, 99Games and those thirdparties that it has designated, may further transfer, store and process your personal information on servers and equipment located in other countries. You should be aware that the data protection laws of other countries may not be the same as the data protection laws of your country of residence. By submitting your personal information through an Application, you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your personal information as described in this section.

3. Third Party Ad-Serving Technology

This Application may include third party dynamic behavioral in-game advertising technology, which enables tailored advertising to be temporarily uploaded into the Application on your mobile device and replaced while you are online. When you use this Application, we or third parties operating the advertisement serving technology may use demographic or other information collected directly from you and/or from third parties such as age and gender as well as information logged and/or collected from your device using technologies to ensure that appropriate advertising is presented within the Application and to calculate the number of unique and repeat views of advertising. This technology also controls the number of times you see a given ad, delivers ads that relate to your interests and measures the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Logged and/or collected data may include (but is not limited to) IP address, unique device I.D., browser identifiers, session information, browser cookies, device make and model, carrier provider, carrier user ID, geo-location information, sites visited, clicks on advertisements, advertisement(s) served, in game location, length of time an advertisement was visible, size of the advertisement, advertisement response (if any), game play information, general online and Application-specific usage data and metrics. The foregoing data may be collected, used, stored, transmitted and disclosed pursuant to the privacy policy of the company providing the ad serving technology and may be disclosed to other third parties in a form that does not personally identify you.

See Appendix A for a non-exclusive list of third parties that may collect data about your online behavior via this Application. Appendix A includes both analytics companies and ad networks and includes URL’s for those third parties’ privacy policies. You are responsible for reviewing the privacy policies of the third parties that may collect information via this Application. If you do not wish to review those privacy policies or if you are concerned about the information they may collect, do not install or use this Application. 99Games does not guarantee that all third parties that may collect information about you via this Application have an opt out for behavioral tracking. In addition, 99Games does not guarantee or warrant that opting out of behavioral tracking from some or all of the entities listed in Appendix A will opt you out of advertising entirely. Rather, if you opt out, you may continue to receive the same amount of mobile ads, but they may be less relevant because they will not be based on your interests.

This ad serving technology is integrated into the game; if you do not want to use this technology, do not install or use this Application.



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